Pic(k) of the week 7: LOOKING BACK AT DUBAI - Fujifilm X-E4

Just over 8 years ago, I bought my first Fujifilm camera, the then brand-new X-E1 which quickly was nicknamed the "Sexy-one", because of its good looks! I bought the  new compact travel camera to supplement my heavy DSLR gear, which was more and more staying home. It would eventually lead to selling of my DSLR gear the next year...

Early 2021, Fujifilm released the fourth version of the X-E series, the Fujifilm X-E4. I'm presently testing the camera and aim to release a comparison review between the X-E4 and X-100V (another great camera), before the end of the month.

The advantage of a small camera like the X-E4, is the fact that you can have always have it with you. This was the case when I parked my car just outside Dubai the other day and saw the following in my rear view mirror. Remember that the best camera is the one you have with you! 

Image details:

  • Fujifilm X-E4 with XF23mm f2
  • ISO 160, f10, 1/60s
  • In camera jpeg using Velvia Film simulation with following settings
    • Highlights -1
    • Shadows +2
    • Color +2
    • Color Chrome OFF
    • Color Chrome FX Blue STRONG
    • Sharpening +2
    • High ISO Noise -2
  • Lightroom Classic to straighten the buildings in the mirror and to darken the shadows even more
I like how the "Dubai Frame" shows up outside the mirror; one of the newer interesting pieces of modern Architecture in Dubai. The blue sky towards the east (outside the mirror) versus the warm orange in the west (in the mirror), complement the image quite well in my view. 

Remember: "Life is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back at you".