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A s a yearly tradition somewhere in January, I try to come up with my 3 best 2021 images of the 4 categories I typically shoot; STREET  AERIAL TRAVEL AVIATION  Click on the respective links above, to check out the Portfolio galleries of these categories on my website. Looking at your own work with a critical eye, can be an interesting exercise and actually more difficult than what most think. Interestingly, i t is very common for these images to be very different from what is most popular on social media (Instagram, Facebook...).    STREET Shot at Venice Beach, CA, I vividly remember how beautiful the light was that evening. When I was there again a couple of months later, the "LOVE" letters on the wall were unfortunately gone.  I personally do not believe that Street photography is limited to the "Streets". Public beaches for example are also great locations to practice the genre. While I normally shoot my Street photos with a 23mm or 35mm prime Fujinon lens, this

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