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Pic(k) of the week 24: IT IS LONELY AT THE TOP - Burj Khalifa sunset

T he worlds highest building, the "Burj Khalifa", is visible from a lot of different angles and with its 828 meters, dominates very much the Dubai skyline.   Having stopped at a rest area along the 611 highway the other day, I shot a few images of the colorful sunset with the worlds tallest in the far distance, using my super tele-photo XF100-400 lens. Over the years, I've collected a series of images where the Burj Khalifa is pretty much the only building visible at the horizon. A collection I've titled: "It's lonely at the top" but which hasn't been published yet.  Image details : Fujifilm X-T3 with the XF100-400 lens ISO 320, f14, 1/500s, 400mm Lightroom Classic to develop the RAW file using Velvia Camera profile Initial excavation works started in 2004, while the Burj Khalifa openend in January 2010. At the peak, up to 12.000 worked on the building per day. More images of this amazing piece of architecture shot by myself, can be found here . Reme

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