Pic(k) of the week 17: THE WORLD IS DISABLED

Since being on the lockdown here in Dubai, I obviously have not done any photography outside the house. While waiting at the traffic light on my way to the grocery shop however I felt the urge to make a quick shot through the side window of the car. A symbolic image for the crazy times we live in! 

I'm a big fan for always having a camera with me in the car; even when only going for a quick grocery run. I wish the single large cloud would have been placed between both signs, but the traffic light turned green before that moment! Live with what you have in photography!

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-100V
  • ISO 320, 1/1250s, f10
  • Classic Negative Film simulation 
I must admit that I'm eager to shoot more of the Dubai Architecture and desert landscapes. Click on the links to visit both galleries. For now however respect your local Covid-19 rules.

Below, I'm listing three recommendations of things we as photographers can do during lockdown:
  • Learn something new that will push your photography to the next level. A lot of the paid online learning centers have a free 30 day trial or good discounts on memberships. Check out KelbyOne, Lynda.com and CreativeLive to name only a few.
  • Make a book or magazine of some of your past work. Personally I like BLURB but there are many others. 
  • Edit or rework some of your older images. I have not looked back into my Lightroom catalog at past work enough. Now is a great moment to do so! You have probably learned a lot of new things since you last edited some of your older images. While you are in your image catalog this is also the moment to do some image housekeeping. 
Last but not least... there is a relatively big chance that I'll be running a free online photo-editing session next week. Please monitor my Social media channels below for more! 

Remember: "The future depends on what we do in the present" - Mahatma Gandhi 

Respect your own National Covid-19 rules. Stay save.