Pic(k) of the week 2: BED SPACE AVAILABLE

In photography "contrast" can be much more than the difference between highlights and shadows or the difference in contrasting colours. Contrast can also be the difference between two or more subjects that stand in contrast to each other. 

Such was the case, when I came across the scene below where on one side a person is advertising some low budget "bed space" to a specific nationality while a 5-star hotel probably charging a hundredfold is visible in the background.

Images like this often bring up the question if Street Photography images need to have a human person as part of the image? For me, as long as the image documents the human condition, it is definitively a "Street Photograph"! I'm not even sure that a person in the open window, would add something to the image...

Image details:
  •  Fujifilm X-Pro 3 with XF35mm f1.4
  • ISO 320, 1/320s, f13
  • Classic Negative Film simulation with following settings;
    • All default, except,
    • Color Chrome FX Blue Weak
    • Highlights -1 / Shadows +2
    • Sharpness +2
    • Noise reduction -1
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Remember: "Seeing is not enough. You have to feel what you photograph" - Andre Kartesz