Pic(k) of the week 1: FOCUS ON THE WORLD BELOW

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all blog readers! 
Now that year 10 of my Pic(k) of the week series is completed, I’m ready to start fresh again for the 11th time. A new year that looks promising photographically, with some upcoming Photo-walks and talks, a visit to the worlds largest airshow, “Airventure” (Oshkosh, US) in July, the Dubai World Exhibition starting in October 2020 and some other photo-adventures during the  course of the year.

2019 was the year where I shot considerably more Aerial photography compared to previous years. Not coincidentally, it was also the first year, I used a drone for part of my aerial photography. 

As a pilot-photographer I’m privileged to frequently see the world from above; something that has fascinated people all over the world. We do however often tend to forget that a large portion of the population still has never seen such a thing. 

My Aerial photography work has now grown into a considerable body of work, of which the strongest images will hopefully make it into a self published book in 2020! Check out my Aerial photography portfolio here

The image below of a new residential community in Dubai, which I titled FOCUS ON THE WORLD BELOW, shows some of the most important aerial photography composition techniques. Strong leading lines, interesting patterns and a background which is worth including. 

Image details:
  • DJI Mavic Pro 2
  • 1/600s, f4.0, ISO 100
  • Lightroom CC to develop RAW file
  • DxO ColorEfex Pro 4 for optimal contrast 
For those interested, I’m working on a presentation about drone and aircraft aerial photography in Dubai. More details will become available in a month or so. A short video about my Aerial Photography can be found here.

Remember:"Let your dreams take flight" - anon