A few months ago, I got an email from US photographer Bill Fortney; with his 45 years of professional photography experience Bill is no lightweight! Beside being a great photographer and pilot, he's also a writer and highly sought after presenter in the photography circuit.

His most famous books, such as The Nature of America, America from 500 feet I and II, are all on my photography bookshelf. Having sold more than 150.000 copies of his books, he is one of America's best selling photography authors!

Anyway, back to the email... Bill was planning on writing an eBook about his switch to the Fujifilm X-series system and asked yours truly, to be one of the featured X-series photographers in the last chapter of the book... Would I be interested? Of course Bill! 

To be featured next to top class photographers like Jack Graham, Tony Sweet, Zach Arias, David Hobby, Brad MikelRC Conception and more; what an honour!

Yesterday, the 207 page eBook which has some great photographs and useful info, was launched. For under 10USD, the Fujifilm X-system Users guide is a bargain and definitively worth checking out; whether you are an existing X-shooter or somebody interested in what the system can do for you!

Here are my four pages of fame in the eBook:

Thanks Bill!