I saved one of the best for last... yes, that is right, the Photo inspiration series will conclude after today (for the time being), as my employer has given me ground duties until I'm fully recovered from my ski-injury end of February.

Hearing US photographer Zack Arias talk is very inspiring and thought provoking, to say the least. Zack, is the one responsible for my switch to mirrorless (see Bye Bye Nikon, Hello Fujifilm), after I heard him talk about the new Fujifilm X-100 at Gulf Photo Plus (Dubai) in 2012.

Zack openly talks about his feelings and thoughts, even when times are though. Such was the case in 2009, when he was asked to make a short video called "Transform" for the then hugely popular Scott Kelby photography blog. The first two minutes of the video might appear a bit weird, but make sure you keep on watching...

Fighting with depression, Zach inspired hundreds of not thousands of photographers who at some stage in their photographic life, have all gone through a creative rut. 

Although published 8 years ago, the video remains very much relevant today. I personally must have watched it a dozen times and it still inspires me whenever I'm in a photographical low.

Be inspired!