Pic(k) of the week 2: Playing games at Khlong Toei market

First time I heard about Thai photographer, Rammy Narula, was through French Street Photographer Valerie Jardin. Both Ramy and myself appeared on her popular podcast "Streets of the World"; to check out the one about Bangkok click here, while my talk about Dubai can be found here. Valerie used to run her podcast on the TWIP network but has now moved on and is running her own "Hit the Streets" podcast. A must listen to for all street photographers!

Last week I managed to meet Rammy Narula for his Platform 10 exhibition at the S gallery in the Sofitel, Bangkok. While the exhibition is running through the end of February, he has also published an accompanying book of which I bought a copy while I was there.

Rammy's Platform 10 project was shot at the Bangkok Main train station on guess what, "platform 10". All images were shot over about 150 visits early morning, when the daily train to Chiang Mai was about to leave. The film noir look in the color images has given Rammy a very specific style which is definitively worth looking at! For the ones interested, all of the Platform 10 images were shot on the X-T1; for the ones that still doubt if one can print X-T1 files large, visit Rammy's gallery!  

As I was asking for places to go and shoot Street Photography in Bangkok, Rammy recommended to have a look at the Khlong Toei (also sometimes written as Khlong Toey) fresh market; Bangkok's largest! It turned out to be a great and a place I will definitively return to!

Although not as dark and noir like Rammy's images, I felt inspired when I saw the kid below playing games on his phone, totally unaware about my presence... The way the light entered at the back of his parents little fruit and vegetable shop, made it all that much interesting. 

Image details:
  • Fujifilm XF 35mm f2 lens
  • ISO 2500, 1/250s, f4
  • Lightroom CC for RAW development 
  • No other plugins used
I really enjoy shooting the streets of Bangkok; after New York, Paris and Hong Kong, it is becoming one of my new favorites. More work from Bangkok lives here

Over the last year, my Color Street Photography has been playing a much larger role in my (travel) photography. While I can't disclose it now, I'm working on a one-off project for the early spring, which will be disclosed soon... 

Till then check out my Best Color Street Photography work here!  

To quote one of my favorite Color Street Photographers, Saul Leiter; "The important thing is not what you get but what you throw out"; valid for the image but also for all the stuff we like to carry around as photographers!