Pic(k) of the week 1: Flying into the New Year over the O-14 building in Dubai

HAPPY 2017 to all my blog-readers! May the New year bring you good health, joy and happiness...

As I'm writing this, my Pic(k) of the week is entering its 8th year; yes that is right, seven years of continuous weekly posts without missing a single week so far. What started as a little experiment early 2010, has now become part of my life. 

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The first Pic(k) of the week combines my two main passions; Aviation and Photography. While on an Architectural shoot at the O-14 building in Business Bay Dubai, I could hear an airliner fly overhead. Just as I looked up an Airbus A380 appeared in the top right corner and I was able to frame three images before it disappeared behind the building. The fact that it is the same type of aircraft I fly for a living made it that more special... 

Ironically, one year ago, Nikon Singapore gave a price for the best image to a similar image which can be found here. Only to find out that the image was fake and that the aircraft had been added in post-processing. Well, yours truly can assure you that my own version was all done in camera and is 100% real!  

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF14mm f2.8 lens
  • ISO 1600, 1/250s, f16
  • All editing done in Lightroom CC  
The O-14 building in Dubai, which is often also referred to as the "Cheese building", is a very innovative structure. The concrete shell with its 1300 holes, is what makes the building stand out. While the shell was mainly developed as a veil to protect the interior from the direct harsh sunlight and heat, a natural flow through the holes in between the shell and main structure, makes for a energy reduction of up to 30%.  

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As a yearly tradition, somewhere within the next week or so, I will blog what I think are my best 3 Architectural, Aviation and Travel images of the past year.

Remember: "Twelve significant photographs in a whole year is a good crop" - Ansel Adams.