Middle East Business Aviation convention 2010

MEBA 2010, Middle East Aviation, has come to an end. The bi-annual three day event held in Dubai, is a convention of everything business aviation related in the region. I attended on the opening day and had two reasons to go: 1/ Meeting with future cooperate aviation clients, 2/ Expanding my aviation portfolio. Overall happy with the outcome, I did enjoy the 60 or so aircraft on static display.

Gulfstream 550
Because all jets are parked close together, it isn't always easy to come up with interesting images. I tried however concentrating on detail shots like left engine of this Gulfstream 550. If shooting for a client I would of course have asked to remove the disturbing yellow air-conditiong hose...

Cleaning a Boeing BBJ
Just like any event with a lot of people, I do enjoy just strolling around and looking for photo opportunities. When two guys started cleaning the windows of a Boeing 737 BBJ, I immediately realized I needed to have the camera ready...

Vista Jet Bombardier Challenger 850
Sometimes the fact that aircraft are parked close together, can be used to the photographers advantage, like combining the tail of a Vista Jet Challenger 605 with the winglet of a TAG Global Express.

Al Jaber Aviation A318 Elite
There were a fair amount of large cabin business jets like Boeing BBJ's and this Al Jaber Aviation (AJA) Airbus A318 Elite cooperate jet.

Dassault Falcon 7X
My favorite of the MEBA day was this detailed shot of the center engine of a Dassault Falcon 7X. As usual I want to give it some time, but it is likely the image will make it into my Aviation portfolio gallery or at least my Business aviation gallery!

Since the late summer, I've been working on another business aviation project in Belgium. It is just about to go public, so you can expect another aviation related blogpost next week...

Till then,
Fly safe & click that shutter,

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