Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pic(k) of the week 12: LEFT HANDED - 24 HOUR PROJECT DUBAI

Symbolic images are often the stronger ones... Such is probably the case with the image below shot at the Kushti wrestling in Dubai! Beside the eyes, hands are likely the most part powerful part of a human being. 

In the Muslim world the left hand is often looked at as an underdog because people eat and greet with the right hand. 

Being left handed and non-muslim myself, for me it is my main hand. Studies show that only about 12% of the worlds population is left handed; clearly a minority. It also shows that they tend to be more creative; I'll buy that one!

After I got injured on the left shoulder while skiing end of February, it pretty much immobilised my left arm/hand, which has turned out to be an interesting experience... In case you are wondering, I do expect/hope to be sufficiently recovered to participate in the 24 hour project in Dubai on April 1st! 

Image details:
  •  Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF50-140 lens
  • ISO 400, 119mm, f4.5, 1/1500s
  • RAW development in Lightroom CC using Acros G Camera Calibration

Preparation for the 24 hour project in Dubai has been in full swing. In case you missed it, make sure you check out my latest extensive blogpost here. To be held on April 1st between 0000am and 2359pm, the Street/Documentary challenge, is now less than 10 days away! 

Remember: "Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand"


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