Sunday, November 6, 2011

Birds of Prey - Dubai

A few days ago I went to the Birds of Prey show in Dubai. A German-Hungarian couple, show several graceful Birds of Prey in flight. I've seen several of these shows all over the world and must say that this one is definitively the most personal one. 
Owl taking flight at birds of Prey Dubai
Spectators are very close to the action and with a limited amount of visitors, there is a plenty of opportunity for questions and photographing the birds after the show.

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We went to the 5pm show, which due to a 5.35 sunset time, limited the amount of "good light". On FRI and SAT there is also a 10am show, which I will try to attend next time...

Some of the birds we saw were:

Vulture at Birds of Prey Dubai
this "Griffon Vulture"

Bald Eagle at Birds of Prey Dubai
a "Bald Eagle", the national bird of the US

Eagle owl at Birds of Prey Dubai
Several Owls, including this Eagle Owl

Small Falcon at Birds of Prey Dubai
"Saker Falcons", like this one sitting on the head of one of the spectators

Hawk playing with a toy rabit
And this Harris Hawk playing with a toy rabbit

If you are in Dubai, make sure that you pay Birds of Prey a visit! It is more than worth the money; 50AED for adults, 25AED for kids.

On a different note, tomorrow, I'm flying to Saint Petersburg, Russia, for a brief 24hr visit. Thereafter I'm off to Florida, where we'll start another one of our "Flying adventures"; this time we plan on island hopping around the Bahamas in a light single engine aircraft. With the busy upcoming travel plans, the blog might suffer a bit over the next two weeks...  I do however hope to come back with plenty of new images! 

Remember, don't just take pictures, make pictures!

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