Sunday, December 13, 2015

PRIME TIME IN NEW YORK - Street photography with the FUJIFILM XF 35mm f2 lens

October 21st this year, FUJIFILM announced the brand-new XF 35mm f2 lens; my review of this great little prime can be found here

Last week I took the lens into the streets of New York city; a street photographers paradise!

My favourite shot of the 36 hours I spent in Manhattan, was shot on the New York city Subway Q line. I particularly like the fact that the lady walking in the frame is not 100% sharp; it adds to the mystery and shows a city which is always on the move!

The next two images were shot early morning at Battery Park; the Southern tip of Manhattan. This is a great place to photograph people looking at the world famous "Statue of Liberty". 

Even Santa was spotted in Central Park!

A few more images of the daily life in the Big Apple can be found below.

Since the full frame equivalent of the new 35 f2 becomes 52mm (35 x 1.5), it is obviously not as wide as the 23mm or 27mm which are often considered the "standard street photography lenses", going not as wide has the advantage that one can be a bit further away from the subject. This is great for starter street photographers which initially might be a bit shy to move in closer!

I'm a strong believer in shooting prime lenses for street photography; as one quickly adapts to the focal length being used and after a while knows exactly where to stand to frame the perfect shot! The reasonably priced 35mm f2 lens, is a great one to hit the streets with!

For the entire gallery of my NEW YORK STREET PHOTOGRAPHY click here.

Remember: "Seeing is not enough, you have to feel what you photograph" - Andre Kertesz


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