August 2015, Fujifilm Middle-East lend me an early copy of the then yet to be launched, Fujifilm XF1.4x Teleconverter. As usual I put a disclaimer in my reviews that the equipment tested is not final and that the quality might vary. 

While my review of the 1.4x TC went online on launch day, October 21st 2015, it turned out that the quality did indeed vary significantly; it looks like that the installed lens firmware (1.0) of the borrowed unit, was of an earlier version and did not show the full potential of this new piece of photo-gear.

One month later, I'm testing a production copy of the TC with the latest 50-140 1.10 lens firmware and have seen a large difference in the overall sharpness of the files. It is now superior to the one of the 55-200 lens. 

ISO 200, 93mm, f8, 1/240s 

Even though. I've now updated my original review, I still wanted to share a few images shot with the 50-140 and the 1.4x TC at one of the Dubai Camel race track last night. 

ISO 800, 181mm, f5, 1/400s 

Even in low light the focus tracking with the TC installed is pretty good. I got almost a 100% keeper rate, using the new Zone AF mode combined with Continuous (C) focus and CL mode.  

ISO 800, 198mm, f5, 1/550s 

ISO 800, 104mm, f4.5, 1/4400s 

ISO 800, 198mm, f4.5, 1/5000s 

Given the dusty environment I was working in, I was definitively happy to have 100% Weather Resistant (WR) photo-gear; X-T1, 50-140 and the new TC which is WR as well!

Since the new lens firmware update, it looks like the XF1.4X TELECONVERTER, will now indeed replace my 55-200 lens! 

In case you haven't done so, please check out my updated 1.4X TC REVIEW here.

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