It's official, I'm now a FUJIFILM X-PHOTOGRAPHER

Early July, I announced my switch from Nikon to Fujfilm. Meanwhile my blogpost "Bye Nikon, Hello Fujifilm" of July 5, had close to 10.000 views. Three months later, I have still absolutely no regrets having made the switch!

The new flying toy - 1954 Piper Super Cub

Two years ago, Fujifilm launched the X-photographers; a worldwide selected group of photographers, who show what the Fujifilm X-series cameras are capable of. Some people refer to them as the "Fujifilm ambassadors".

Wide-angle view on Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

It was an honour, when Fujifilm asked me to be part of this select group a few months ago. Earlier this week, by coincidence the same day I sold my last Nikon lens, I became an official X-Photographer. My individual X-photographer page can be found here.

The sun is setting over Riomaggiore – Cinque Terre

Over the years the list has grown and now includes, to name only a few, renown artists like Zack Arias, David Nightingale, David Hobby and Bobbi Lane. 

Walking the camels

Presently testing the brand-new X100T, one can expect a review on Fujifilm latest camera somewhere next week.

Moonrise over Dubai

I like to finish with the disclaimer that I do not receive any form of compensation by Fujifilm for all of the above. I genuinely like their cameras and lenses and don't care what camera brand it says in white letters on the camera body. To be honest, if Nikon would have had a similar mirror-less setup, I probably would have still been one of their customers! Just like Canon, they just couldn't fulfil my wishes and needs for lighter high quality gear at the moment. Enough said?

For the ones, that still hesitate to make the switch to a miror-less system, have a look at my X-Photography gallery. All of the images are made with X-series cameras.

Happy X-shooting,