Pic(k) of the week 48: The most famous tree of New Zealand

Those of you following me on Google plus or Facebook, probably know that earlier today I returned from a two week photo trip to the South island of New Zealand. 

What made the trip special, was the fact that this was the first photo trip where I left my DSLR Nikon gear home. I kind of went commando and shot with two mirror-less Fujifilm cameras; an X-E1 and a brand-new pre-production X-E2, which I have been testing for Fujifilm Middle East in Dubai. 

A detailed honest "in the field review" will be posted on this blog in the coming days, while I will also dedicate a specific blogpost series to the New Zealand trip towards the next weekend.

The image below of probably the most famous tree in New Zealand, was taken with the new Fujifilm X-E2. The tree is very well known in the photography world and stands in the Wanaka lake East of Queenstown. I'm not a big fan on shooting locations that are overshot by other photographers, but I clearly couldn't leave this one out when I showed up just after sunset!

2013 Pic(k) of the week 48: The most famous tree of new Zealand

Image details:
FujiFilm X-E2 (pre-production) with the Fujinon 55-200 lens mounted on a MeFoto tripod
ISO 200, 90mm (135mm full frame equivalent), f 6.4, 7 shutter speed bracket between 1/4s and 1/220s
Merge to 32 bit HDR with Photomatix
Further development in Lightroom 5.3 RC 
Nik ColorEfex Pro for contrast adjustment

As I'm writing this post, there are no other images of the trip online yet. A specific gallery called; "South Island tour of NZ 2013", will be opened in the next 24hrs.

Remember, " Tourist don't know where they have been, travellers don't know where they will go" Paul Theroux