Set fire to the rain - Macro images from French Pyrenees

While post-processing, I often listen to podcasts or music. The tittle of todays post was born while listening to an Adele song, "Set fire to the rain"!

Thistle with waterdrops in French Pyrenees (B&W)
The first morning on location in the French Pyrenees, we drove our little Fiat 500 up a mountain track and discovered plenty of opportunities for macro photography. The early morning mist was slowly lifting and the whole place had a mystique feel to it!

Morning dew, French Pyrenees
Even though I'm not a morning person, the early start was worth it. The rain stopped just about as the sun rose. It would quickly burn of the raindrops on the forest fauna and flora... "setting fire to the rain"! I clearly had a limited amount of time available...

Black & White morning dew, French Pyrenees
My favorite image of the mornings shoot is the one above. Black and white macro images are not that common, but I really like how the sun reflects in the hundreds of drops looking like beautiful human eyes.
3 leave pepperwort, French Pyrenees
I guess there is only so much luck one can have while being out there... a clover 4 would have been nice, but wikepedia tells me there is only a 1 in 10 000 chance for that!

Fungi on tree near Campan, French Pyrenees
One of the last subjects I photographed before the sun set fire to the leftover raindrops, was  some fungi nestled deeply into a large tree trunk. 

Hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did...

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