Saturday, July 17, 2010

Feeling Blue!

Just a week ago, I was in the North African city, Tunis, the largest city and the capital of Tunisia. 20km Northeast of the city center, right at the coast line, we find Sidi Bou Said, a village named after a Muslim saint who lived there. 
The small town sits on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A great place for watching the sun go down. 
It is known for its blue and white colors all over town. Especially during the summer months, Sidi Bou Said is buzzing with tourists and the like. And yes, on this Saturday in July there were loads of them!
Some of you will know that I'm not a big fan of busy tourist places like this. So I used my usual technique...where ever tourist were turning left, I took a right! This way I got to places that only the locals get to see.
Even the cats were avoiding the noisy tourists!
As the afternoon went on, I bumped into quite a few ladders...
Including this one, that became my favorite image of the shoot!

More images of the shoot can be found here.

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