Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off the beaten path in Rome

Just back from spending 30 hrs in Rome, Italy. I've been to the capital of Italy multiple times and this time decided to go for a photo walk off the beaten path. Basically wherever the tourists were turning left, I took a right and vice versa... Admittedly I did finish with two of the most iconic monuments of Rome, "the Spanish steps" ( PIaza di Spagna) and the "Trevi fountain" (Fontana di Trevi). 

Initially I started the beautiful cold winter morning walk by crossing the Tiber river and strolling along its west bank which beside the Vatican has very few tourists.

While the Police seems to be chasing away the homeless from the centre...  I bumped into the household of this older Italian, living around the Isola Tiberina area. 

Continuing up North, I followed the Via Giullia which leads to a nice arch, called "L'Archo Farnese". I had seen a Google Earth photo of the bridge where it's fully covered by beautiful hanging greenery. Unfortunately most of the plants seem to be gone this time of the year. Nevertheless I'm still quite happy with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) image above which highlights the structure.

At the Piazza Farnese I spotted this older lady feeding the pigeons. The pieces of old bread were quickly discovered by the hundreds of birds surrounding her. The fact that her left eye was taped off made me wonder whether she had been attacked by the pigeons...

Meanwhile behind me a dog was patiently waiting for his boss to come out of this coffee shop.

There seems to be a constant lack of parking space in Rome. The Smart fortwo is therefore very common. Three of them in a row made for a nice photo opportunity.

More of my Rome photography can be found by clicking on any of the photos above.
I really enjoyed the Rome Photo walk and did not miss the thousands of tourists pushing and pulling though the city's main attractions...

Happy shooting,

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sil said...

Really nice series! I'm Italian but still have to visit Rome, shame on me!