Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pic(k) of the week 41: Pepper Traffic Light

While I'm on a two week trip in my home country Belgium, I've testing a brand new Fujifilm camera; the amazing X100T which has been announced at Photokina 2014. As the great late Summer weather is now over in central Europe, I've been mainly stuck to shooting inside over the last few days. One of the projects has been making some sharpness and high ISO comparison shots between the X100T and the XT1. More in an upcoming X100T review end of next week.

Pepper Traffic Light
Meanwhile I made a still life triptych of three peppers; called "Pepper Traffic Light". I'm sure the concept doesn't need any further explanation... 

The three images were shot handheld with the X100T, using only window light and a "white paper"reflector.

Image details:
Fujifilm X100T
ISO2500, 1/60s, f5.6, 23mm
Out of camera jpegs, using Standard Film Simulation, all default settings
Lightroom Print module to make the triptych

Remember: "I'm not interested in shooting new things, I'm interested to see things new" - Ernest Haas

Happy shooting,

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