Saturday, November 21, 2009

Small Strobes, Big results!

Two days ago I attended David Tejada's photo workshop, Small Flashes, Big Results in Knowledge Village, Dubai. It was part of PhotoWeekend, a multi workshop event organized by Photo Gulf Plus. David is a cooperate location photographer who almost exclusively uses small flashes to photograph anything and anybody from underground nuclear waste containers to Fortune 500 CEO's. Beside his excellent photography skills, he's also a great teacher and mentor.
He flew in from Denver, Colorado and is up there with guys like Joe McNally and the famous blogger David Hobby (Strobist). The leaders of the off-camera flash movement.
Since today's small flashes (Speedlights) have become much more powerful and reliable, the need for big and heavy studio powerpacks has largely disappeared.The first part of the workshop consisted of an overview of basic flash techniques and accessories like snoots,grids, light stands and gels.

After lunch we went around Knowledge village to setup some shots with David's help.Four excellent models were available during the session. 

The images above which I shot during the workshop, give a good idea of what can be achieved with the standard small flashes. Overall it was a great but too short 8 hour day!
Tomorrow, I'm leaving on a five day trip to southern India (Cochin and its backwaters). Next blog probably in about a weeks time.

Happy shooting,

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