Monday, January 25, 2016

BIG IN JAPAN - FUJIKINA, 5 years of Fujifilm X-series

As an official X-photographer for Fujifilm, I was lucky enough to be invited by Fujifilm Middle East, for the 5th anniversary of X-series camera series earlier this month. Once again, a big thank you guys!

First of all, for the ones that have missed my reviews of the latest photo-gear, released on January 15th 2016, please click on the links below:
While the main Fujifilm event (Fujikina) was held on January 15, we arrived with a team of 10 people (3 X-photographers) in Tokyo a few days earlier, on a direct flight from Dubai. Catching up in person with some of the other X-photographers, was one of my personal highlights of the trip! Needless to say, I feel honoured to be part of the same X-Photographer community as guys like; Zack Arias, David Hobby, Bert Stephani, Patrick laRoque, to name just a few!

Beside meeting so many other interesting people, I also really enjoyed shooting the streets of Tokyo. I have been several times to other cities in Japan, but this was my very first visit to the capital Tokyo. Oh boy, what a great place for street photography, especially in the beautiful winter light!

Below is a selection of some of the work I shot over the 4 days there;

For the ones that couldn't make it to Tokyo for the 5th anniversary of the X-series cameras, I invite you to check out the Fujifilm blog to see what FUJIKINA was about. The blogpost includes a link to a +1hr 30' video of the main presentation on January 15th.

A few months before the event, all X-photographers were asked to submit an image that would be published in the 2016 X-photographer book. I was honoured to see that my image had been selected as one of 100 images printed in large format and displayed in the Fujifilm Square gallery in downtown Tokyo!

For the ones in Tokyo over the coming weeks, the exhibition will be open till February 18, 2016. Click here for more details.

The full story of how the image, "Bridge to Luxury" was made can be found here.

Below is a group-shot of all my Fujifilm Middle East travel-mates, before our flight back to Dubai; one X-photographer is missing in the shot, as he decided to stay in Japan for a bit longer.

Lastly, as I'm back home in Dubai now, a quick plug for an upcoming great Photography event! Early February is what I personally find is the "Best Photography event in the GCC region, and possibly far beyond". If you are not familiar with Gulf Photo Plus (GPP), make sure you check out their week of amazing workshops in Dubai from FEB 5th till 11th. For more on GPP 2016, click here.

More of my Tokyo images can be found here.

PS: All images have been shot with the X-T10 and X-T1 cameras, with a variety of XF lenses.

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