Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pic(k) of the week 41: Looking up at Frank Gehry - Düsseldorf (Germany)

When one things about modern Architecture, the German city of Düsseldorf isn't the first one that springs to mind. It has however a lot to offer when it comes to interesting buildings!

Over the last two decades the harbour area has gone through a huge transformation; the skyline of warehouses and silos has made place for modern buildings by famous architects such as Frank O. Gehry, Joe Coenen, David Chipperfield and Claude Vasconi. What is now known as the "MedienHafen", is a mix of old and new and houses more than 700 different businesses. 

One of the older "modern" projects in the MedienHafen are three buildings designed by American architect Frank O. Ghery, called Neuer Zollhof and completed in 1998. Of the three, the shiny silver one is the one that takes most of the attention...

End of September, I've spent an afternoon around the MedienHafen. Although the weather forecast was looking promising with partially cloudy skies, it turned out to be a boring grey sky with no structure. The image below is one of my best images of the shoot.
MedienHafen - Düsseldorf

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-T1 with the XF10-24 f4 R OIS Fujinon lens
  • ISO 200, f11, 10mm (15mm full frame equivalent)
  • 5 shot exposure bracketing with shutter speeds between 1/5s and 1/70s
  • Photomerge HDR in Lightroom CC
  • Nik ColorEfex 4 with pro contrast filter 

More images of my shoot at the MedienHafen in Düsseldorf can be found here.

In 2010 Gehry was pronounced the "most important architect of our age", with his most known buildings being the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, (Spain) and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA. Even at age 86, he is very outspoken person! 

Remember: "98% of what is being built today, is shit" - Frank Gehry

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