Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Pic(k) of the week 20: Double farewell

Never really thought that saying bye bye to a camera body could become an emotional event...

Lets first go back in time. Within the first hour of launching day, February 7 2012, I ordered my Nikon D800 full frame camera body. After a three month wait, the brand-new mega resolution wonder (36.3 million pixels) was finally delivered. 

2012 Pic(k) of the week 20: Saying farewell to my Nikon D700

Just a few days before the UPS guy showed up with the gold colored Nikon box, I did my last shoot on my trusty D700 body. The shoot was a farewell present, to a good friend, who is unfortunately leaving Dubai. I photographed her two kids at the beach without her knowing. We wish you guys all the very best!

The second farewell, was to my other good friend, the D700. She's been to so many countries on most continents. From the Americas, through Europe, Africa and Asia to down under Australia and New Zealand. She has never let me down and luckily has now found a new owner who hopefully will enjoy her for years to come! Bye Bye D700!

I plan on doing "My first month with the D800" post, somewhere in the first week of June. 
Meanwhile two of the best reviews on the camera can be found at dpreview and DxO labs

Whatever you shoot with, remember; "don't just shoot pictures, make pictures"!


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