Saturday, June 19, 2010

Venice in Color = Burano

Without doubt, the Venice area remains one of my European travel photography favorites. Even though I've visited the island multiple times (more than 10), there is always something to shoot at the "Queen of the Adriatic". I tend to concentrate on the other parts of Venice and its surrounding islands. 
On my last visit I went out to the island of Burano. A very pretty island in the Northern part of the Venetian lagoon, about 45min to 1 hour away by Vaporetta, call it a water-bus. The fishermen's island which is often mistaken with Murano (glass making island), is further out at sea and is therefore far less invaded by tourists and the like... Its pastel colored houses makes it much prettier than Murano. A photographers paradise!
Be it a myth or a real story, people say that the houses in Burano have all different colors in order to make it easier for the fishermen to recognize their houses when they come home drunk...
While the fishermen were out at sea, their wife's would traditionally sit outside and make lace. Something else, Burano is known for. 
The limited number of tourists here, make it very easy to catch part of daily life. Ordinary things like laundry can almost look like Art...
Even though the island is not that large, one can easily spend a full afternoon and wander around to discover interesting photographic opportunities like this. 
On the way back to Venice, I passed by the ruins of the island of Madonna del Monte which was bathing in wonderful late evening sunset light. 

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Yousef Shali said...

Fantastic photos Bjorn.. love the colors :)