Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pic(k) of the week 25: The boys and the toys...

Earlier this week I had planned to pick up an Apple iPad in Munich. The very popular 64GB 3G tablet device was out of stock and I came home with a 27 inch iMac i5 instead. The high end iMac machine had been on my radar for a while. Until a few days ago my main photography editing machine was running Windows VISTA.Needless to say this is not the most stable system around. After I bought my first Mac, a 13 inch Macbook and an iPhone 3GS, I realized that one day I would become a Mac only guy. That day has now come and I surely won't be looking back!
Due to wide-angle lens used, the monitor on the left, my old 24 inch DELL, looks larger than my brand-new 27 inch iMac. Right now, I'm not sure what'll do with the monitor. I've been very happy with it but really do not need the extra screen real estate. The 27 inch iMac screen has a whopping 2560x1440 pixels resolution. The setup really looks promising!

My main image storage and backup device is a firewire 800 DROBO and can be seen between both monitors. Right now it can hold 8TB...

Image details:
Nikon D700, 14-24mm, 2.8
ISO 800, 18mm, f5, 1/40sec
Quick processing with LR3

Off to packing my bags to fly to Melbourne, Australia, tomorrow morning,

Click that shutter,

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