Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Incredible India 2010 - Final thoughts

On day 6, of our Indian photo adventure, we left Jaipur and headed back to Delhi to catch a late afternoon flight to Dubai. The drive is around 250km and depending on traffic takes about 5 to 6 hours. For all first time visitors to India, the driving is always one of the most talked about items. One is never bored on the Indian roads... 
For some people it can be shocking how kids sit unprotected on motorcycles and in auto rickshaws. Who am I to judge and say what is right and what is wrong? 
During a brief fuel stop I shot this image of a tractor trailer that flipped over on the side of the road. A few guys were manually unloading it before getting it back on its wheels. The job was surely long from finished, but what I always find amazing, is that these people never loose their smiles! Without doubt a great lesson for a lot of us..
There is quite a lot of truck traffic between Delhi and the capital of Rajasthan. Most if not all of them, are nicely decorated. I especially like the painting on the backside. While doing the research before the trip, I bumped into Photographer Sephi Bergerson of Foto Wala. He lives in India and has an interesting collection called, "Trucking in India".
Without doubt, India is one of the most photogenic countries in the world. Not at least because the people love to be photographed. I came home with over about 1500 images. Some of them will be made available as travel stock images but all of them are great personal souvenirs of a great adventure. For the moment there are 3 more Indian photography trips on my wish-list:
  1. Himachal Pradesh at the feet of the Himalaya
  2. Varanasi, along the holly river Ganges
  3. Southern Indian state of Kerala
Time will tell if the list will become longer or shorter...

Coming home to Dubai, I felt that the Indian trip was an eye opener for general life here in the Gulf. I personally think all expat and local teenagers in the region should be send on a compulsory trip to the subcontinent in order to see how life can be very different.

Lastly, I'm working on a 10 min photo slideshow of the trip, which should become available through Youtube soon.

Happy shooting,


Unknown said...

You are right very interesting country. How's the security issue? Is it ok to carry around your expensive DSLRs without getting robbed?

Bjorn Moerman said...

Absolutely no problem.... felt very safe! Travelled the world and this must be one of the safest experiences I had.