Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chasing the Volcanos ( part4 )

After a nice 2 night break in Seattle it was time to move on! Taking off from Seattle's Boeing Field, we headed Southeast bound to our first close Volcano encounter. ChasingVolcanos
The first one on the list was the +14000 ft (4392m) snowcapped Mount Rainier. 
Even though almost 90km away, it dominates the SE horizon in downtown Seattle. ChasingVolcanos
Just half a hour later, we had a great view Mount St Helen, which erupted in 1980 and until today is the deadliest (57 people died) and economically most destructive volcanic event in the history of the USA. One can clearly see the blown off cone, which reduced the pre-eruption elevation of 9677ft (2950m) to the current 8365ft (2550m).ChasingVolcanosMeanwhile we passed Mount Adams, 12281ft (3743m) on the right hand side. The second highest Washington state volcano after Mt Rainier. 
Our first landing of the day was at Hood River airport, along the famous Columbia river Gorge where we attended the first day of the annual WAAAM Antique aircraft Fly-in.ChasingVolcanos
The WAAAM (Western Antique Aircraft and Automobile Museum) houses +60 old timer aircraft and over 100 vintage cars, tractors and motorcycles. A great collection for anybody to have look at when traveling in the Portland area.ChasingVolcanos
Even though Friday was the first day of the event, there was already a steady flow of inbound visiting aircraft.  From a very rare Curtiss Robin J-1 to this beautiful 1937 Lockheed 12A Electra Junior. A small aviation paradise!ChasingVolcanos
We flew through the Columbia Gorge with its +30kts winds until approaching Portland and then headed to Mc Minville, the homebase of the Evergreen Aviation and Space museum. This museum has the original Howard Hughes Spruce Goose, the worlds largest aircraft by wingspan that only did 1 brief flight in 1947.  Due to time constraints we didn't enter the museum but will surely do so whenever we're in the area again. ChasingVolcanos
Looking for a convenient airport for the night we stopped at Albany (Oregon), where the Quality Inn hotel has its own aircraft parking right outside the hotel. Bottom right hand side of the photo above.

More volcano action shortly,

Fly safe and happy shooting,

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