Monday, October 5, 2009

Chasing the Volcanos ( part3 )

After an excellent night sleep in the B&B "The Craftsman" in Pacific City we moved on. The final destination for the day was the city of Boeing and Starbucks Coffee, Seattle, Washington.

Checking the online aviation weather reports after breakfast, it looked like we would have to do without the sun for most of the day. After a short hop along the Pacific ocean, we landed at Tillamook (KTMK). ChasingVolcanos
The main reason for the Tillamook visit was an interesting aircraft museum housed in a World War II Blimp (Zeppelin) hangar. Because most aircraft are kept in flying condition it is not your usual aviation museum experience...


We were told it is the largest wooden structure on Earth and even only the building is surely worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood. 
Leaving the museum a few hours later, we noticed that the weather had further degraded with some low cloud but still good visibility below.  After flying Northbound for about 10 minutes we found ourselves with a cloud base below 500 feet and decided to head back to Tillamook where we topped up the fuel tanks. The famous aviation expression, "You only have too much fuel when you are on fire" , obviously held a lot of truth...
After a brief weather check, it looked like the weather was worsening along the coastline while the inland Portland area was clear. We decided to scud run across the mountains to the East and made a safe landing at Chehalis-Centralia airport between Portland and Seattle.


On the last leg to Seattle we were sailing through clear air again and touched down at the very busy Seattle Boeing Field runway 18 left.


We stayed  at the art hotel, Hotel Max, for 2 nights and were pleasantly surprised by what the capital of the Pacific Northwest had to offer. Blue skies and perfect late summer temperatures made the experience even better. Who told us it always rains in Seattle?

Fly safe and happy shooting,

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