Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pic(k) of the week 3: MEN AT WORK - Street Photography in Deira, Dubai

Blog-readers have probably noticed that Street Photography has become more and more important in my personal photography! Those really paying attention might even have picked up on the fact that I moved "Street Photography" to the top in my gallery section of the website. 

Although I try to do as much Street photography during my travels around the world, I'm still hunting the streets of my home city Dubai on a very regular basis. One of my favorite areas is what some people refer to as the "Old Dubai"; centered around Dubai Creek, both Deira and Bur Dubai show a part of Dubai which some visitors unfortunately never get to see. 

In my ongoing "Life at the Creek" series, I've been documenting these areas for more than 10 years. 

The image below, shot earlier this week, shows a Men at Work sign with some advertising on the side. It almost gives the image a surrealistic look but what makes it really interesting to me is the shadow of a female passing by. 

Life at the Creek

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF35mm f2 lens
  • ISO 640, 1/320s, f5
  • Lightroom CC for RAW development, using the Classic Chrome Camera profile
While my favorite Street Photography lenses is without a doubt the 23mm f2 lens, I do enjoy shooting the other f2 "Fujicron" lenses like the 35mm I used here! 

Prime lenses are definitively the way to go when hunting the streets for great moments; last thing one wants is having to zoom when a scene develops. People not used to prime lens shooting, you'll surprised how quickly you learn to "see" in the specific focal length used on the camera. It all happens in the subconscious mind and makes grabbing a fleeting moment much faster!

While Saul Leiter has been an inspiration to me for several years, I recently re-discovered the colour work of Ernst Haas in his "Color Correction" book. 

To check out more of my own Color Street Photography work, click here 

Remember: "The most important lens you have is your legs" - Ernst Haas 


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