Monday, March 6, 2017


Over the years US Landscape Ben Horne has been a big inspiration for me. Even though I do use very different gear than him, I've learned a lot from him; especially when it comes to patience and scouting for the best location. 

Ben is shooting a large format 8x10 wooden camera that he carries on long hikes in some of the US National parks; quite an achievement on itself. His favorite two parks are Death Valley and Zion which he has visited on a multiple occasions over the last years. Unlike a lot of other photographers he's not wild of going to different places all the time; he rather specializes in one place!

His YouTube channel in which he documents his photo adventures with the large format cameras has a high production value and is very popular. I especially like how he looks for the best shot without using the camera; scouting is a huge part of his workflow and great lesson for many of us!

One of his more popular videos from Death Valley can be found below:

But make sure to check out his channel here

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