Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pic(k) of the week 49: AFRICA MEETS PAKISTAN, Dubai

Over the years, Street Photography has taken a much larger role in my personal photography. There is no question that the Fujifilm cameras I've been using since November 2012, are definitively responsible for that!

Since Fujifilm announced the new 23mm f2 lens a few months ago, it has quickly taken over from the 35mm f2 in becoming my new favorite Street Photography lens. 

Sadly the 35mm f2 has been neglected since the announcement. Time to do so something about this!

The image below of 3 African ladies walking along two Pakistani men, shows how much of a multi-cultural place Dubai really is! Standing on a footbridge, I was especially attracted by how the shadows added the extra dimension to the shot.

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-T2 with the 35mm f2 lens
  • ISO 400, f8, 1/180s
  • Lightroom CC for RAW file development; used Camera calibration Classic Chrome and then converted to Black and White 

My best Street Photography work can be found in their respective Colour and Black and White galleries.

Remember: "All the technique in the world, doesn't compensate for the inability to notice" - Elliott Erwitt


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