Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pic(k) of the week 42: CONCRETE JUNGLE - QUARRY BAY HONG KONG (Fujifilm X-T2 with XF14 f4 lens)

Hong Kong is my number two favourite for Street Photography after New York city. There are however plenty of other great opportunities for photography in  the "Pearl of the Orient"...

Whenever I go to a place like Hong Kong, I enjoy going off the beaten path; sure going to the evening light-show in Kowloon or taking those "aerial" shots from The Peak, is cool, but there is more.

On my last visit I went to Quarry Bay; a large residential area in the Eastern district of Hong Kong Island; formerly known as Lai Chi.

Although there is a fair number of modern architecture in that part of the megapolis, I mainly went there for some of the older run down, pastel coloured apartment buildings.

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF 14mm f4 lens
  • 3 bracketed exposures (ISO 500, 2000, 3200) at 1/125s, f 8
  • Exported to a 32 bit HDR Photo Merge file in Lightroom CC
  • Nik ColorEfex Pro4 for optimal contrast 
  • Desaturated using negative saturation and a bit of positive vibrance in LR 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay in the area till after sunset, but one day I would like to return and shoot a similar image during the blue hour; I can already see all of the lights in the individual apartments adding to the overall atmosphere.

Take Kayo, from the famous "BigheadTaco" photography YouTube channel, has just written a great article for the October edition of the FujiLove Magazine, titled "Hong Kong Concrete Landscape". If you are shooting X-series cameras or interested in the system, make sure you subscribe to the great FujiLove magazine here.

Remember: "Life is like a skyscraper, we are all in the same building but have all different views" - unknown


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