Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pic(k) of the week 23: TAKE-OFF FROM MAURITIUS

Whenever I'm on a layover with the airline I fly for, I always try to do at least some photography. Most of the time this consists of  a pre-planned trip outside the hotel, but a few days ago I had a bit of a lazy day and decided to limit myself to the grounds of the hotel itself.

The Shandrani Resort and Spa on the island of Mauritius is a perfect setting to do some interesting photography within the confines of the resort. Plenty of photo opportunities from the beautiful white sand beaches, through some spectacular tropical trees and dramatic landscapes to aircraft spotting! 

As the sister ship of the aircraft I flew in on, left the tropical Indian Ocean island, your "lazy photographer" framed a few images from the comfort of his beach chair. 

Image details:
  • Fujifilm X-T1 with the XF 18-135mm Fujinon lens
  • ISO 200, 44mm (66mm full frame equivalent), f5.6, 1/1100s
  • RAW file development with Iridient developer
  • Lightroom for optimal contrast by using the adjustment brush with clarity
For X-Trans II files shot with cameras like the X-100S/T, X-T1 and X-T10 that do contain a lot of foliage  I do still prefer to use Iridient Developer to develop my RAW files. Although the difference is not spectacular, I believe I can reveal more of the potential in detail... I am however undecided for now, if this still holds for the new X-Trans III files the new X-Pro2 uses...

Now that I'm approaching the 2 year mark of being free from all DSLR cameras, I can honestly say that I have not yet left the country without at least one of my Fujifilm X-series cameras; something that definitively could not be said during my DSLR days! 

Remember: "Not everyone believes paintings, but everybody believes photographs" - Ansel Adams


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Nigel Pinto said...

Hi Bjorn, Love your blog.

One question about X100T. What is foliage? and how does it affect an image. Thank you.