Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pic(k) of the week 22: Grassroot Super Cub flying

Well for this week Pic(k) of the week, you get an image + a video; all for the same price!

Over the last 12 months, I've been occasionally blogging images of the 1954 Piper Super Cub vintage aircraft, I co-own in Belgium... For the ones that are not familiar with the type of aircraft, please check out last years Pic(k) of the week 34: The new flying toy.

End of last month, I had another rendez-vous with my yellow mistress and managed to do quite a bit of "grassroots" flying; back to basics flying if you want. Combining this with some photography, makes it even more interesting...

A project, I've been working for some time, is a short 4 min video, appropriately titled: "Grassroot Super Cub Flying". The video was shot with GoPro cameras and consists of footage shot during different flights. 

For the best viewing experience, click on the play symbol on the video frame below. Change the Auto setting for 1080pHD and select full screen for the best viewing experience. Alternatively, go to my Vimeo site here.

As an amateur video guy, I have developed a lot of respect for the ones editing movies/videos. If you think photo-editing can be long and cumbersome, try video! Editing this little 4 min video has taken me almost a full day of work.

I mounted the GoPro Hero 3 (Black edition) on the right wing strut using a secure RAM mount system, for one of the more interesting vantage points. 

The selfie image below was shot using the GoPro Hero 3 and an iPhone 6 for wireless triggering. While the still image quality of the GoPro is sometimes lacking, I do  like the result of this particular one. Giving it a 1950's film look in post processing, has made it even more interesting. I guess holding the iPhone in my hand gives away that it was shot in the 21st century...

1950's Grassroot Super Cub flying

Image details:
GoPro Hero 3 (Black edition) 12MB Wide mode
ISO 100, 2.77mm, f2.8, 1/800s
Lightroom CC for color and contrast optimisation
Nik Analog Efex 2 to give the film look + framing

Cruising along at a leisurely 75knots (130km/h) a few hundred feet above the landscape, with both window and door open; that is pure flying!

Remember: "To most people the sky is the limit, to those that fly the sky is home".

Fly safe and click that shutter!


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