Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pic(k) of the week 46: Baking bread in Deira, Dubai

Last Friday, I spend the Friday morning out in Deira, nestled along the East side of the Creek, this old part of Dubai is perfect of Street Photography. Some of you might not be aware, but Friday in the UAE (and the rest of the region) is pretty much the same as a Sunday in the Western world; it is a day off work for most people.

While strolling through the narrow streets of Deira, I normally don't have a specific goal in mind; trying to get lost on purpose is not uncommon and easy to do!

Leaving the camera bag at home and going out with single camera and lens is definitively the the way to go if you want to easily blend in with all the people around you. Even though most don't realise shops only open up after lunchtime on Fridays, there is always a fair amount of tourists wandering around Deira; people in search for the real Dubai... Even though I do my best not to look and act like one, I applaud that they come to this part of Dubai. It is a nice change from wandering around the many large shopping malls and staying in a great 4 or 5 star hotel!

Around noon, I stopped at a local bakery and bought some Pakistani Naan bread; after having paid one dirham (quarter of US dollar/Euro) to the vendor, I asked if I could make a few photos of the guys baking the bread. The image I liked the most is the one below; typical for people of this part of the world, they often tend to look very serious when their picture is being made... 

Pakistani Bakery, Deira - Dubai

Image details:
Fujfilm X-T1 with the XF18-55 Fujinon kit-lens
ISO 2500, 18mm (27mm full frame equivalent), f11, 1/20s
RAW development in Lightroom 5.6
Nik ColorEfex Pro for contrast adjustment

End of this week, I'm leaving for a two week for an exciting photo-adventure to Burma/Myanmar. As I probably will not have an internet connection while travelling, I've scheduled a few Pic(k) of the weeks over the coming two weeks. Needless to say, that a full report on my travels to this beautiful Southeast Asian country, will follow somewhere around the end of the month!

Remember: "All the technique in the world, does not compensate for the inability to notice" - Elliott Erwitt 

Happy shooting,

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