Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pic(k) of the week 41: Misty morning over the Himalayas

As an airline pilot I'm regularly getting up at the back side of the body clock... Such was the case when my alarm went off at 01.30 am a few days ago. 

The early morning flight was taking us from Dubai to Beijing, with a crossing of the Himalayan mountain range, North East of Peshawar (Pakistan), at an altitude of 37000 feet. 

On a clear day, the view of the snow capped mountains passing by barely 10000 feet below the aircraft, is amazing. One is quickly reminded why the flight-deck is often called "the office with the best view in the world"!

Even though I won't deny that it is often hard to get up at these ridiculous times, it is views like these keep us doing what we love so much. Even after having done this crossing tens of times, it never really bores and beasts any 9 to 5 office job hands down!

2013 Pic(k) of the week 41: Misty morning over the Himalayas

One can't help to think about life in these extreme remote villages; the small fire in the bottom right of the frame made me image somebody cooking breakfast as we were comfortably sipping our cappuccinos overhead. 

Image details:
FujiFilm X-E1 (Sexy-1) with 55-200 Fujinon lens
ISO 200, 70mm (106mm full frame equivalent), f6.4, 1/950s
RAW development in Lightroom 5.2
Slightly cooler White Balance to add to the "cold" feel
Nik Color Efex Pro 4 for contrast adjustment

A more panoramic image of the crossing of the Himalayas near K2, can be found here.

Remember; " To most people the sky is the limit, to those who fly, the sky is home"

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