Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pic(k) of the week 11: HSBC building Hong Kong

Last week I purchased a new lens for my mirror-less FujiFilm X-E1 (Sexy-1). Being an Architectural photographer, one of the things I was missing was a wider view than what my 18-55 Fuji lens was offering. For my full frame photography (Nikon D800), the Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8 lens is without doubt my workhorse lens. When Fuji last month came out with their own 14mm 2.8 lens, it quickly made it onto my wish-list.

Since I haven't blogged an Architectural image for a few weeks now, it seems like a perfect opportunity to share one made with the new purchase.

2013 Pic(k) of the week 11: HSBC building Hong Kong

The image above is a night shot of the HSBC building in Hong Kong. This building designed by the Norman Forster and partners, is different in more than a few ways. 

Different parts of this modular design 180m building were made all over the world and then assembled in HKG. When it was finished in 1985 it became the worlds most expensive skyscraper. That fact that it could be dismantled and rebuild somewhere else was a requirement because of the uncertainty of the handover of Hong Kong from the British to the Chinese in 1997. Until now, there clearly is no sign that this will ever be needed...

Another interesting fact is that this very eco-friendly building is cooled with seawater from the nearby South China sea. That fact that it directly overlooks the water, is said to have a Feng Shui element; i.e. good wealth in Chinese tradition.

Image details:
FujiFIlm X-E1 (Sexy1) with the Fuji 14mm 2.8 lens
ISO 200, 14mm, f8, 1.3s
RAW development in Lightroom 4.4RC
Nik ColorEfex for contrast adjustment

More Architectural images of Hong Kong can be found here.

The 14mm prime lens, has also proved to be very valuable for my new love of "Street Photography". 

Remember; " As an Architect you design for the present with an awareness for the past, for a future which is essentially unknown" - Norman Foster


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