Friday, August 31, 2012

Iceland, Land of Fire and Ice - part 4

In the last part of my Land of Fire and Ice blogpost series, we will have a look at some of Iceland 's magnificent waterfalls.

Rainbow over Gullfoss

Easily Iceland's most popular one is Gullfoss. Being quite close to the capital Reykjavik, it was the first one of the many I visited and emotionally an intense one... I would hereby like to dedicate the image above to an anonymous lady who died beside me, while watching the power of nature, August 01, 2012. RIP 

Power of Gullfoss

The Hvita river plunges into a two step waterfall of 32m.

Ófærufoss in the Eldja canyon

Ofaerufoss in Central Iceland is a far less popular one which can be reached after a 45min hike along the river bed. It used to have a spectacular natural bridge over the falls, which collapsed in the early 90's due to a rockslide.

Svartifoss in Skaftafell National Park

Despite its limited volume of water, Svartifoss is a very popular waterfall in the Skaftafell National Park.

Svartifoss in Skaftafell National Park

Its black hexagonal basaltic columns, which regularly fall off, make it for a very different waterfall experience.


Along the South coast we find Skogafoss. With a drop of 60m (200ft) one of the higher ones in Iceland and surely worth a visit. Not wanting to photograph this piece of nature with hundreds of tourist in front of it, I decided to do it late at night. I do like how the few people give it a good sense of scale.


The best for last... The fact that one can pass behind the fall, makes Seljalandsfoss very special! 


Hoping for the sun to break through the clouds, I waited close to 2 hours and and ended up being soaking wet...

Seljalandsfoss from the backside at sunset

It was an emotional moment, when the sun eventually broke through minutes before sunset. A few days later I developed a heavy cold, but it was surely worth the wait!

Iceland, we were strangers when we first met, but after one week it looks like we will be friends for life! I won't say good bye but see you later!

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