Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Three wise men in the desert...

Now that the UAE Summer seems to be kicking in, the season of our frequent desert drives is coming to an end... Because we often take newcomers along, these trips are mostly easy riding, with photography not being high on the priority list. The last one however was a bit different! 
3 Wise (or not so wise...) men on a desert trip!

I installed my GoPro Hero 2 HD video camera on two of the three cars and created an 8min clip of the edited footage. Click on the image above to start the video, which is best viewed in full screen and in Full HD. Whether through footage from the miners' rescue in Chile, a heli-skier blazing through virgin snow or an episode of the "Ice-pilots", chances are you've seen images captured with a GoPro camera. This little device is promoted as the world's most versatile camera. Their slogan is: " Wear it, Mount it, Love it"!

Dune bashing
I do enjoy going back to older images and re-edit them with newer software like Lightroom 4 and ColorEfex 4. This is exactly what I've done to the 5 year old image above of one of the three "wise men" in action...

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