Friday, February 17, 2012

Pic(k) of the week 7: Hungry birds

Today I wanted to use my Friday off (Friday equals Sunday in the Gulf region), to go out and shoot for this weeks "Pic(k) of the week". I did have a few creative ideas in mind, but unfortunately a Shamal is blowing over the UAE today with widespread dust and a limited visibility. Outsiders call this a sandstorm. Anyway, no outside shooting for the time being. 

2012 Pic(k) of the week 7: Hungry Birds
Browsing through my un-edited images of the last few months, I bumped into this shot of gulls being fed by somebody at Dubai Creek. The caption "Hungry Birds" came to mind in similarity to the famous iPhone/Android game "Angry Birds".

Image details:
Nikon D700 with 70-200 2.8. VR2
ISO1600, 130mm, f5, 1/640s
Raw development in Lightroom 3
Nik ColorEfex 4 for contrast adjustment
Nik SilferEfex 2 for Black & White development

Whatever you do, wherever you are, have a great weekend!
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