Saturday, September 3, 2011

365 Days after my aviation nightmare

Exactly one year ago, I witnessed something which will be engraved in my mind forever. 
I guess there are not that many events in life, that one just remembers that clearly.

Stormy clouds ahead

The sun had set about an hour earlier, when a UPS cargo B747-400 airliner, crashed at 19.42h just outside our Emirates airlines villa compound. I can clearly remember how I was reading on my brand new iPad, when an aircraft screamed over the top of my house at a few hundred feet. Next second I found myself standing in the front door, witnessing a large transport aircraft hitting the ground and bursting into flames. The rest is history!

365 Days after this tragic event, the investigation by the NTSB and the UAE aviation authorities is still ongoing. A preliminary accident report, was released in April this year. 

It looks like a cargo fire on the main cargo deck, causing very dense smoke on the flight deck, made it pretty much impossible to control the aircraft. It seems likely that non-declared Lithium batteries in toys might have been at the origin of the fire. Hopefully the final report will clear up some of these mysteries...

Captain Doug Lampe and First-Officer Matthew Bell, even though we never met, you will always be remembered by the Dubai Silicon Oasis pilot community!

Please spend a few minutes and visit my initial "Tribute to Doug and Matthew" as a matter of respect for these two fine aviators!

Rest in Peace,

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Karlene Petitt said...

I'm so amazed it's been a year. But I know that memory will be with you for a very long time. Fire on the plane is the worse thing that could happen. Everything else we can deal with... smoke inhalation, visibility, it's just horrible. Thanks so much for sharing, and remembering.