Saturday, June 18, 2011

French Pyrenees in the rain

The ones following me on Facebook and/or Twitter probably know that I attended a "paragliding" course in the French Pyrenees last month. Unfortunately rain and too strong winds, grounded us (my wife being the 2nd person) for part of the course. Schedule permitting we should be doing some more jumping of mountains, end of July!

Farm at Payolle
The weather might have kept us on the ground, but did not prevent me from making some images!

Farm on the D113 near Payolle
Unlike popular believe, shooting in the rain makes for interesting imagery, including some very saturated greens like in this image of a farm high up a mountain pass near Payolle.

Chapel near Palasse
At times skies were very dramatic.

Cloudlayers near Palasse
I like how these horizontal (cloud)layers make for a pleasing image. The Rule of Thirds at work!

Cow crossing small river on D113 near Payolle
While driving on a deserted mountain road, we bumped into a group of cows crossing a river. It reminded me of the millions of Wildebeest crossing the Mara river on the Kenya-Tanzania border each year.

River next to D113 near Payolle
My Fader ND filter also had a good workout on this trip. If you're tired of water looking like it is frozen, using one of these is the way to go! 

River near the D113 near Payolle
Don't just take pictures, make pictures!

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