Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pic(k) of the week 30: Bending the light!

My photographic creativity in Dubai has been at a year long low lately...  Last Tuesday afternoon I decided to change that and took one of my less used lenses for a spin. The lens I brought was my Lensbaby 3G. 

It is a manual focus, special effect lens, mounted in a flexible housing which allows it to be focused and tilted at the same time. One can shift the focus to the side of the lens making for some very dramatic effects. I like to call it, "bending the light". An very interesting aspect of the lens, is the way the aperture is changed. 

One just drops in one of a supplied aperture-rings to increase or decrease the opening (aperture) of the lens. Very unique!
Walking around a large shopping center like Dubai Mall, with a DSLR normally does not attract any attention, but using this award looking lens surely does!

Divers at Dubai Mall
One of the subjects I photographed with my Lensbaby was "the Waterfall"", more than a dozen sculpture divers jumping next to a waterfall, 4 floors high.   

Image details:
ISO 1000, f8, 1/13sec
Lightroom RAW development

Towards the end of the shoot I unfortunately lost one of the metal posts to fix the tilt... I emailed lensbaby with the request for sending me a replacement one and they replied within a few hours that one would be on the way shortly from the US. What a great service! Checkout plenty of new Lensbaby lenses here

More of my Lensbaby images can be found by using the find function on my site.

Tomorrow morning I"m leaving for a 3 week stay in Belgium... Taking quite a bit of photography gear with me, there should be plenty of opportunities to give it a good workout!

Click that shutter,

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ceslou said...

This is really a different take of the Diving Men in Dubai Mall. Really nice.