Sunday, April 11, 2010

Incredible India 2010 - Day3 Delhi to Agra

It was early morning on day 3 when we left the Le Roi hotel for Agra, the city of the world famous Taj Mahal in the Uttar Pradesh state. The just over 200km drive was planned to take about 6 hours, with a few short stops on the way. 

Just outside Delhi we overtook a truck loaded with a large Sikh family. They looked like a whole bunch of smiley faces on the move...
I had heard interesting things about the city of Mathura, about 60 km North of Agra and asked the driver to make a quick stop. 

It is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and the story says that the image above whas the place where the cloths of Lord Krishna were washed. Whatever it really is, it was surely an interesting architectural viewpoint.
While waiting for the train from Delhi to Agra to pass, I photographed these two self made trucks called Juhar's (translated to improvisation) and used by farmers. And yes, they might be a bit basic, but they do work! 
Over having a short siesta in our Agra hotel, we went out just before sunset, to the Agra Fort for a shoot during the Golden hour. The fort which is one of India's Unesco World Heritage sites, dates from the 16th century when Agra was the capital of India.
A photography trip to India is not complete before making a few images of the famous Hindustan Ambassador cars. Despite its British origin the Ambassador is definitively considered an Indian car and is proudly called the Kind of the Indian roads.

From the Agra Fort, one has a nice view on the Taj Mahal. I kind of like how this older Indian couple is admiring the master piece of India... 

On the next blogpost, you will join us on our visit to the finest piece of Mughal Architecture. To view more images of day 3, click on any of the images above or click here.

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