Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Incredible India 2010 - Day1 Delhi

Those of you following my on Facebook and/or Twitter probably know, we're just back from 6 days shooting in Northern India. On March 29, we flew into Delhi to start our 6 day travel photography tour. We stayed 2 nights in the capital, followed by one night in Agra and 2 nights in Jaipur. The three city, 800km tour is also known as the Golden Triangle tour. We used a local agent recommended by a business friend here in Dubai, called Oriental Journeys and overall were very happy. I'm not affiliated with them but feel free to email me if interested. They provided us with a driver and air-conditioned car for the entire trip. As a Westerner trying to drive yourself in Northern India is close to being suicidal! And believe me, I'm used to quite a bit a crazy driving in and around Dubai... It is relatively cheap and makes you enjoy the trip much more...

For our first 2 nights we stayed at the Le Roi hotel in the Pagar Ganj area. A very poor area in Old Delhi, close to the main railway station known by backpackers and people looking for the "real Incredible India". And incredible it was! India really is a paradise if it comes to Travel photography.
Across the hotel we bumped into 2 neighborhood friends sitting on a old scooter. A great start for a great photo adventure! 
Just a few meters further a young boy was helping his parents building a wall. While I was playing with Lego bricks at that age, he's doing the real stuff.
While exiting a small shop these two street kids were looking up to the white man with the black thing in his hands. While these kids frequently ask for money, I prefer to buy them a drink or some food instead...
Looking at the first 3 images, it's obvious that photography in India is all about its people. I always find it intriguing that people who barely have anything in life are still so optimistic and almost never loose their smiles. Next time you feel the whole world is against you, think about these 3 photographs!
Walking past this man, gave a real Gandhi feel... I just couldn't resist!

A man selling second hand books was obviously not very pleased with the Holly Cow standing in front of his shop. I really like the expression on his face.

The last image was shot from the roof top restaurant where we had dinner on day 1. It is so typical for Indian street life. Cows, a dog, a bicycle Rickshaw and people selling textiles. Welcome to Incredible India!

Images will be added to my Incredible India galleries as they are processed... Editing +1500 images will keep me busy for a while. 

More in a day or so and meanwhile happy shooting,

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