Monday, October 19, 2009

Chasing the Volcanos ( part5 )

After breakfast in the Quality-inn Albany, we walked the 100m to our Cessna 172 for another great flying day, this time chasing lakes…ChasingVolcanos
We climbed straight away to 9500ft (2895m) and headed for Crater Lake Oregon. ChasingVolcanos
With its 1948ft (594m), it is the deepest lake of the US and its crystal clear deep blue water would be the highlight of the day.
Just before lunchtime we made a brief stop at Klamath Falls, an US Air Force F-15 Eagle base.
Just North of Klamath Falls is the 20 mile (32km) long Upper Klamath Lake. A large shallow freshwater lake in South central Oregon, with bordering colorful dry lake beds which look pretty boring from the ground but are very spectacular from the air.

We stopped for fuel at a small airport called Fall River Mills and then continued along the Sierra Nevada to the South Lake Tahoe airport (6300ft elevation). ChasingVolcanos
Lake Tahoe is after Crater Lake, the second deepest freshwater lake in the US and is a major tourist attraction for both California and Nevada. It is also home to a number of nice ski resorts and is a great place to live! 
We stayed the night in the eco-friendly 968 park hotel. 
A perfect place to start your Tahoe adventures. 

More flying & photo news shortly,
Fly safe and happy shooting,

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